Ventia welcomes our ASA team to Cremorne office
June 30 2023

At ASA, we have been excited to expand our collaboration with Ventia over the past two years.

Our initial partnership began in 2021, with a focus on telecommunications projects. Since then, our collaboration has flourished, encompassing various sectors within Ventia's portfolio.

As one of the largest essential services providers in Australia, Ventia is working to create communities that are safer and more sustainable. From Environmental Services & Energy, Minor Capital Works and Engineering Services, to Facilities Management and Network design and build, Ventia is providing the services that keep infrastructure up and running for communities across the country. 

Recently, our team began working with Ventia’s Defence Team, bringing our knowledge and expertise to spatial data and mapping projects on Defence Estates. 

As this relationship continues to grow, it’s important that opportunities for collaboration are enhanced and Ventia has ASA’s skills and knowledge at their disposal to ensure projects and services run smoothly. 

We’ve been experiencing rapid growth since putting down roots in Melbourne in 2021 and, with our short-term lease with Sussan boss Naomi Milgrom coming to an end, we needed a new space for our team. Ventia kindly stepped in, offering to support us with a 30-desk space in their Cremorne office at 167-169 Cremorne Street. 

Daniel Shields, Talent & Impact Program Manager with ASA said that bringing members of the team into the Ventia office is a continuation of the growing relationship and a key part of the ASA growth strategy.  

“A big part of what we're trying to do is to upskill young neurodivergent individuals to help them find long-term careers,” Daniel said.  “We’re building out a transition model so that they can go and work with our clients such as Ventia, build their confidence and experience a working environment outside of ASA” 
“It means that we can create impact across the country a lot quicker than if we were relying on our own offices.” 

Ventia is ASA's second-largest client, so we are excited about the opportunities and advantages that sharing an office space will bring.

Read more about how ASA and Ventia work together. 

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