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Neurodiversity is our (and your) advantage

Our overriding commitment is to personally and professionally develop our analysts, creating careers within ASA and externally. We know that neurodiverse employees are valuable assets to any team, boosting organisational culture and productivity.

Spatial and data analytics are forward-looking skill sets, needed in every industry.

Members of our Australian Spatial Analytics team listening to a data analyst present in a board room
People with autism will lead the big data disruption in the Australian economy over the next 50 years. They’re up to 40% faster at tasks requiring visual problem-solving and pattern detection skills and 92% more accurate.

We partner with clients who want to create a diverse workplace by helping transition-ready and willing team members to fill their vacancies. Our aim is to ensure our talent can continue to do great work and integrate into other organisations with ease. This means that we can train and employ new junior staff who face significant barriers to employment.

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In the first instance, you can engage our professional data services to reduce your data pain points. From there, our analysts can be embedded within your organisation, giving them invaluable experience. Or you can encourage our analysts to apply for technical vacancies within your organisation, diversifying your workforce.

Your organisation can become a destination for neurodivergent talent.

Roles include:

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Spatial analysts
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Data analysts
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Project managers
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CAD designers
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Machine learning analysts
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Land and administration planners
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Business intelligence
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BIM Designers
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3D Modellers
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Your Advantage.

Guaranteed skillsets

ASA’s Technical and Service Delivery teams train every team member in-house.

Confidence and resilience

Life skills are built throughout our analysts’ employment at ASA with business leaders fostering rapport and trust.

Transitional support for employers and candidates

Autism awareness training and supervisory support

Transition Plan and Individual Development Plan

Post-placement support by our People Success Officers

Some of our success stories

Anthony started as a Junior Data Analyst in our Brisbane office. Working at ASA has provided him with an opportunity to gain new skills and experience in a professional environment. This was his first job, starting as a casual working on a disability support pension. He now works full-time leading projects and interacting with clients daily.

“I started at ASA over two years ago with no previous work experience. Since then, I have grown a lot, thanks to the environment and support of ASA. Over the past two years, I have gained many skills, including technical, social, leadership, and management skills. Thanks to the opportunities provided by ASA, I’m now a Lead Data Analyst and Project Manager in ASA’s digital engineering space, continuing to grow and gain new skills.”

Meet Anthony.

Lead Data Analyst at ASA

Dayana was in the first group of analysts when our Melbourne office opened in 2022. When she discovered an ASA job advertisement in the online neurodivergent community, she applied for a Junior Data Analyst role. After a successful interview, Dayana received on-the-job training, working on Ventia’s National Broadband Network rollout.  She has since been promoted to a Lead Data Analyst role.

“One of the best aspects of working at ASA is that I do not have to pretend to be someone else. I can be myself, like the rest of my teammates. From the beginning, I’ve observed my teammates’ growth as they bravely faced their fears and navigated through all the obstacles. The results are always heart-warming, and what once seemed daunting for them is now easily achievable.”

Meet Dayana.

Lead Data Analyst at ASA

Before ASA, Blake Morrison struggled to find supportive and long-term work. At ASA, Blake grew along the journey, developing his GIS skills and becoming one of the greatest supports for his colleagues. January 2022 marked Blake’s first work anniversary with ASA and his attainment of a six-month contract as a GIS analyst with the Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre at the University of New England.

Blake’s manager and team couldn’t be more impressed by his commitment to delivering the National Protected Cropping Map involving spatial mapping and fieldwork. They are incredibly excited to support his career progression in the industry, recently extending his contract for another three years.

“I love the variety of work and I love applying my brainpower and have it potentially benefit ASA. ASA has the most genuine management which allows me to have greater confidence. I feel freed from the shame cycle of Centrelink and Job Active and feel like ASA have allowed me to maintain and enhance my job prospects. Thank you for your support and inspiration along the way. I still consider myself the luckiest person in the world and so much of it is because of ASA.”

Meet Blake.

Spatial Analyst for the University of New England’s Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre.

“The hours were flexible, the team and management were friendly and helpful, the project work was the right balance of engaging, and challenging. 

I was always learning something new, and I felt capable to scale up my workload/complexity as well as transfer the skills I had learnt onto other projects… I learnt a lot of diverse and transferable skills not just professionally but also personally. 

Having a steady stream of income helped me form a budget and move out of home and become more independent.. ASA pushes you to aim big, they foster your potential, and it always pays off. They encouraged me to apply for this job as well as having the confidence in my abilities to lead and support many different internal projects during my time there.” 

Meet Amana.

Amana began as a Junior Analyst at ASA in 2021, before she transitioned to a full-time role at White Box Enterprises as a Data Analyst. Here’s what she has to say about her work at ASA: