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Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is a leader in empowering neurodiversity in the workplace - 80% of our 130+ staff are neurodivergent (e.g. autism, ADHD, dyslexia). Sharing that experience, we offer a unique training program to empower organisations to unlock and embrace the full potential of a neurodiverse workforce.

Why should you invest in neurodiversity training?

Your organisation has more neurodivergent members than you realise. Unfortunately, many are uncomfortable disclosing their neurodivergence based on previous negative experiences in the workplace.

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1 in 5
Australians are neurodivergent
1 highlighted silhouette in a group of 70 people
1 in 70
Australians are autistic (>375,000 people)
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1 in 20
Australians are ADHDers
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1 in 10
Australians are dyslexic
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1 in 20
Australians have dysgraphia
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1 in 20
Australians have dyscalculia

By investing in neurodiversity training, your organisation is taking a significant step towards building a more inclusive and effective workplace. You can help break down the barriers that prevent neurodivergent people from gaining and maintaining professional employment. Our program equips your team with the knowledge and skills to create a neuroinclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique talents.

Studies have shown that neurodivergent people bring a wealth of benefits to the workplace, including:

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Enhanced problem-solving

Neurodivergent individuals often excel at thinking outside the box and creative solutions.

Strong analytical skills

Many neurodivergent people possess exceptional attention to detail and analytical abilities.

Increased innovation

Diversity of thought fosters a more innovative environment, leading to new ideas and approaches.

Improved employee engagement

A culture of inclusion creates a happier and more engaged workforce.

Our neurodiversity training is available in two ways:

Standalone training program

Any organisation looking to promote awareness and build a more inclusive and neurodiverse workplace can access our training modules directly.

ASA Talent Services

As part of our Talent Services offering, where we embed our talented staff into other organisations, this training supports the onboarding process for our candidates and partner client teams. Organisations where we’ve conducted this training include Acciona Engineering and Design, Ventia and the Department of Resources (Queensland).

ASA’s Neurodiversity in the Workplace Training Program

Our comprehensive training consists of four modules designed to build a strong foundation for understanding and supporting neurodiversity in your workplace. Our training experience is drawn from within; our modules share real case studies from our neurodivergent team members and their leaders. Although many previously struggled to find long-term secure work before commencing at ASA, they now thrive in a supported neuroinclusive environment. We can coordinate face-to-face sessions at your workplace or online across Australia.

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Our Modules

Module 1:
Neurodiversity Awareness

Duration: 1 hour

This introductory module provides a broad overview of neurodiversity, including:

  • Definitions and neurodivergent variances (e.g., autism, ADHD, dyslexia)
  • Exploration of neurodivergent experiences in theworkplace
  • How neurodivergence can present at work
  • How a neuroinclusive work environment helps everyone

Leading and Supporting a Neuroinclusive Workplace Package

Duration: 4.5 hours

Modules 2-4 are offered both as individual modules or as a package designed to follow Module 1. It is highly recommended that Module 1 be completed first to set the context. These facilitated workshops equip leaders and members of neurodiverse teams with practical strategies for fostering a thriving neuroinclusive workplace. Modules include:

Module 2:
Neuroinclusive Communication

Duration: 1.5 hours

This session helps to recognise (and challenge) what is generally assumed throughout traditional workplace communication and addresses how we can communicate effectively across a neurodiverse work environment.

Module 3:
Anxiety, Neurodivergence and the Work Environment

Duration: 1.5 hours

In this session, we address anxiety and how it can occur and explore ways to circumvent or reduce its impact on individuals and the workplace.

Module 4:
Leading Neurodiverse Teams

Duration: 1.5 hours

In this final session, we focus on the importance of self-awareness and building healthy connections as a leader. Scenario-based group discussions reinforce what we’ve shared through the previous two workshops, as well as the initial Neurodiversity Awareness training.


We have received fantastic feedback from our clients whohave attended our workshops. In fact, some client staff disclosed their neurodivergence for the first time because of the safe environment provided. The workshops have helped our clients broaden their understanding of neurodivergent conditions and create a supportive environment for their coworkers.

"I am delighted to endorse the Australian Spatial Analytics Neurodiversity in the Workplace Training Program. The M80 Ring Road Alliance proudly aligns itself with ASA and collaborates closely to champion a neuroinclusive workplace environment for both their employees and our own. ASA adopts a people-centric approach to guide and assist our organisation in fostering a neuroinclusive culture within the construction industry and beyond."
Jenna Downes
Inclusion Manager | M80 Ring Road Alliance
"Having participated in ASA’s Neurodiversity in the Workplace Training Program, my team are much better equipped to support neurodivergent employees. We appreciated the ASA presenters sharing their stories and were filled with optimism that autistic people can be positive for work culture and productivity."
Samuel Evans
Project Director | Ventia
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