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ASA provides Australian-based data services across multiple industries

We consistently deliver professional, award-winning, high-quality data services for real-world projects, including telecommunications, energy, conservation, travel and resources. Our team specialises in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Survey, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Machine Learning technologies.

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Our Solutions and Capabilities

ASA works across the Geospatial and Digital Engineering professions, undertaking:

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Cartography & mapping
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Imagery processing
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Feature extraction
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Data classification & analysis
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LiDAR processing
Data Management
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Engineering drafting/design CAD GIS BIM
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How can we support you?

Data creation, migration and conversion

We provide map feature creation and editing across multiple sectors, including planning, land administration and agriculture. Our data migration and conversion services include translating detailed CAD data into accurate, feature-rich GIS data for use in asset management.

Data cleansing and quality

The ASA team improves your data quality confidence, including analysis and remediation services to support data quality metrics of accuracy, completeness and relevance. These processes can also be scaled to support big data QA/QC sampling and reporting.

Digital Engineering drafting and design

We provide 2D and 3D design and As-built services using a range of software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit and many more, including digital twins, pre-survey calculations, subdivision layout, and conformance reporting, amongst many other services. Find out more at our Digital Engineering case studies.

Imagery and satellite analysis

Our team generates spatial attributes by recognising, differentiating and classifying imagery features from aerial photos, satellite images, thermal images, digital elevation models (DEMs), and scanned maps. Applications include paddock mapping, autonomous vehicle tracking, geofencing, farm asset and inventory classification and analysis.

LiDAR and remote sensing

ASA processes, classifies, cleans and models LiDAR datasets, including aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric data. ASA also delivers support services for various multispectral analysis across all major industries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We provide the people power to create custom training datasets for machine learning algorithms. This includes annotations and segmentation of text and imagery training sets.

Talent services

We provide onshore data services for clients, ensuring data sovereignty is maintained. We can also embed our people within your teams to work on your projects or transition them to vacancies within your organisation to diversify your workforce. Find out more at our Talent Services page.

Industry Skills


Digital Engineering

Case Studies.

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Telco Design and Documentation for NBN developments
Ventia is one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand. Ventia’s Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania divisions welcomed the value and potential benefits that a long-term partnership with ASA could bring.
Engaging with ASA would mean increasing local and social impact for Ventia’s supply chain, whilst harnessing the cognitive talents of ASA analysts to increase productivity.

The project began with SD2 As-Built jobs, and quickly expanded to include working on BDOD As-Builts for both the Queensland and Victoria/Tasmania divisions of Ventia. The VIC/TAS division in particular had a great deal of backlog, which ASA was able to reduce significantly.

Over 30 staff have been trained on the project in total, with around seven to nine staff between the Melbourne and Brisbane offices working on the project on any given day. Over 5,000 work orders and 26,000 hours have been put towards the project, with ongoing work continuing. In addition to the benefits of engaging with a non-profit social enterprise, Ventia has also benefited due to ASA’s service provision being, on average, 30% faster than comparable providers. Our team has also co-located with Ventia in their Melbourne office.
“ASA brings a great set of skills to our team, and we’ve seen great benefits of having them embedded into our completions process.”

Matthew Swan, Senior Project Director, NBN QLD
LiDAR processing and feature extraction
Fugro is a global data provider that engaged ASA to undertake LiDAR point cloud processing to remove noise and classify raw point clouds into usable Digital Terrain Model inputs, focusing on bathymetric and coastal terrestrial data.
This project supported Fugro’s technically challenging coastal resilience and environmental baseline studies across Australia. ASA conducted point cloud cleansing and classification of the seafloor, land and water surface.  This project provided work for five analysts
“ASA is a highly regarded and trusted partner to our business. The team are highly engaged, professional and a delight to work with. We hold them in the highest regard and consider them a critical element of our future growth plans.”

Paul Seaton, Director - Hydrography and Coastal Resilience at Fugro.
Roads and address validation
The Queensland Department of Resources engaged ASA to validate and update critical roads and address data covering the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area. The project aimed to improve data quality and create new datasets to inform end users of property accessibility.
ASA conducted geometry and attribution updates for 21,000 roads and 43,000 addresses and created over 100,000 new property access points. The project provided improved local and state road network and address data and created new access point data, which is used by multiple end users, including emergency services. This project provided work for 10 analysts, most of whom were unemployed three months before the project commenced.
“It is fantastic to be working alongside such a dedicated team that not only values neurodiversity but also contributes significantly to projects that impact the daily lives of Queenslanders. It’s exciting to see the collaboration between ASA and the Queensland Department of Resources as we advance in location data accuracy and data validation methods.”

Steve Brown, Manager at Queensland Department of Resources.
Merging legacy databases for a unified GIS
Enzen, on behalf of Energy Queensland, commissioned ASA to help merge legacy Energex and Ergon asset datasets into a unified GIS database by digitising a growing backlog of utility network plans and delivering high-quality network designs. This is one of the largest projects of its kind in the world, keeping track of the physical location and details of Queensland’s electrical infrastructure. 
ASA analysts undertook data checks, updates and built virtual network sections for 53,000 sites – which included 16,000 tasks over 68,000 hours. The GIS data representing these sites now accurately reflects real-world conditions. This project has provided ongoing work for 50 analysts who can successfully navigate and edit the database of over 300,000 subnetworks. 
“At the beginning of the project, the value ASA provided was the rapid mobilisation of delivery capacity, including the development and implementation of the relevant training program.  The ongoing value provided is the continuity of delivery capacity and relevant training.”

Matthew Coleman, Senior Principal Consultant - Digital Strategy Centre of Excellence.