Acciona Engineering and Design Australia

Digital Engineering: Design, As-built and drafting support

Acciona Engineering and Design (AED) Australia engaged work-integrated social enterprise Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) to deliver As-built designs for multiple critical infrastructure projects using software products including Revit, Civil3D and AutoCAD.


2 road projects

2 railway facilities

1 wind farm

1 sewerage treatment plant




Water & wastewater



Resourcing for critical As-built, drafting and design work


ASA delivered thousands of As-built drawings for multiple infrastructure projects

Social Impact

Over 10 analysts trained, ongoing and expanding work

“Success is a collaborative effort, and our partnership with ASA exemplifies the power of innovation, dedication, and shared goals. Together, we are not just producing drawings; we are constructing a future defined by sustainability, excellence, and positive impact.”
Ruben Sanchez Moragues, National Digital Engineer Manager, Acciona Engineering and Design
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