Enzen Australia

Geospatial: Merging Queensland’s legacy electrical network databases into a Unified Geographic Information System

Enzen Australia engaged Australian Spatial Analytics on behalf of Energy Queensland to merge and update multiple electricity datasets using the Esri ArcGIS Pro Utility Network Model (UNM)—creating a ‘single source of truth’ for Queensland’s critical electrical infrastructure.


>17,500 work orders

>52,000 sites

>68,000 hours

>25 million features





Merging legacy GIS databases into a unified system


ASA analysts undertook data checks and updates and built virtual electrical network sections

Social Impact

Over 50 analysts trained, including bringing over 25 out of unemployment, ongoing and expanding work using the UNM

“At the beginning of the project, the value ASA provided was the rapid mobilisation of delivery capacity, including the development and implementation of the relevant training program. The ongoing value provided is the continuity of delivery capacity and relevant training.”
Matthew Coleman, Senior Principal Consultant Digital Strategy Centre of Excellence, Enzen Australia
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